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Welcome to CSC309 Fall 2016

Course Description

This course provides an introduction to the technologies used for developing Web applications. We discuss technologies for static and dynamic content generation, including N-tier, MVC architectures, and mobile supported web development. We also cover general web design principles, security, and web performance.

Please read and make sure that you understand the course syllabus.


Section Lectures Room Tutorial time Room
L0101 R 1-3 MP 202 T 1 BA 3175/3185/3195
L0201 WF 3 SS 2135 M 3 BA 3175/3185/3195

Contact information


Photo of Karen Reid

Karen Reid

reid -at-
BA 4240
Office hours:
Tues 2-3, Thur 11-12, Fri 1-2

Teaching Assistants

Photo of Nishant Arora
Nishant Arora
Photo of Eugene Cheung
Eugene Cheung
Photo of Simon Cook
Simon Cook
Photo of Yizheng Ding
Yizheng Ding
Photo of Nigel Fong
Nigel Fong
Photo of Candice Lin
Candice Lin
Photo of Rachel Franz
Rachel Franz